Join author and domestic violence awareness advocate, Anita Bentata as she weaves her storytelling magic into understanding how we’re conditioned to get trapped in toxicity through childhood fairy tales.

Anita’s work is a siren call to action for those ready to move on and up with their lives. Helping others to breakthrough and wake up to the Fairytales about Love, Anger and being a Woman. Her work helps you:

  • Learn what the Wolf doesn’t want you to know.
  • Access the Woodcutter Within and not be structured by others.
  • Listen to your Instincts

Her goal is to help you overcome the unknown and open your awareness to and listen and trust your mind and body intelligence to take right actions for yourself, life, health, work and relationships.

She is herself a survivor and thriver with over 20 years in the field. With the depth of study she’s undertaken along with personal and professional experience, she is skilled at helping clients very quickly dissolve the blocks that hold them back in life.

Her work is cutting edge on all fronts as a Psychotherapist & Health Coach as well as Restorative Exercise Specialist.

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