The financial planner with the heart of a teacher, JJ Conway will be delivering a dynamic financial health series focused on bringing you the joy and wealth you desire –

Oct 17 (Mon) 7-8pm CST: 12 Ways to Replace Your Income in Just 1 Year
Nov 7 (Mon) 7-8pm CST: The Gift of Abundance
Nov 16 (Wed) 6:30-8pm CST: Turn Joy Into Profit Workshop

Who is JJ Conway? – JJ Conway, Financial Planner

Janine “JJ” Conway is a financial planner who empowers individuals to dump debt and build lasting wealth through a variety of educational programs and homebuyer assistance programs. She is CEO of Hand-Ups, not Hand-Outs, andis an Air Force veteran who has traveled to the Middle East, Europe, and Asia in her duties. She firmly believes that “charity begins at home” and is very active in the community.

As a finalist for Ms. Veteran America 2014, Janine earned the “Donation Whisperer” award for raising enough money to cover a month and half of expenses for one of Final Salute, Inc’s residential homes for homeless women veterans. She founded Military Single,. and continues to advocate for better care of women veterans.  She has served many organizations, but one will always remain a solid part of her life:  As a minister in the Church of the Living God, International, Inc., JJ helps pastors build up the flock God has entrusted to them.  Due to her family’s many military moves, she has assisted 14 pastors, most often as Head Trustee.  Her most cherished position, however, is wife and mom. She is the wife of the very talented Chris Conway, and mother to “Miracle Baby” and pint-sized author Philip Wiggins.

Since she graduated from the Air Force Academy (a free school), you might be surprised to learn that JJ left college mired in college, wedding, and honeymoon debt.  She was rescued by the late Larry Burkett, whose only payment requirement was to later help someone else get out of debt. She began assisting fellow church members with their debt-free journeys in 1998, and began teaching real estate investing classes in 2007.

Soon JJ’s family was bringing in 20-30K a month. Unfortunately, misplaced trust, a series of poor decisions, and some devastating life events left JJ nearly bankrupt and spiritually overwhelmed.  The skills she learned to get out of debt the first time helped her to slowly dig herself out of that new financial hole.

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