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All four founding members of the flight crew (the board of The Freebird Project which is officially 9937242 CANADA INC.) are theoretically available for interviews – but if you’re on a tight deadline availability of some may be limit which of us is available. If you are a journalist or editor looking to craft a story on Domestic Violence Awareness or the efforts we are making here or at the Freebird Project Shop, we welcome your interest and inquiries.

Speakers are responsible for booking their own media appointments.  However, we can certainly help you get in touch with any of them if you need to be connected.

The best address to send media inquiries to is sacha@thefreebirdproject.org – She’ll be able to arrange appointments with any of the founding team.

This page is a work progress. More info is being added as time comes available, but if you have a question or want to book an interview, Sacha will take care of you.

Carol - President

Carol became the first Freebird on November 25th, 2014 when she reached out to create the group of 50 who would band together to help through prayer and practical solutions. It was from this group that The Freebird Project became TheFreebirdProjectShop.com and the corporation was formed to support bigger efforts to help domestic violence survivors escape and recover from their experience.

Available to speak on a variety of topics from her mountain home in Virginia.

Patrysha -Director of Operations

The mouth of the North and Director of Operations, Patrysha is the host of the evening and weekend shifts through the conference.

A business advisor and coach by day, Patrysha brings her passion for changing the status quo to her online endeavors. Her availability for interviews is restricted, but she tries to be as flexible and available as possible when booked in advance.

Sacha - VP of Finance

Sacha is the most likely Canadian on our team to connect with if you’re on a deadline during regular business hours. As a professional VA with a team behind her, she’s the most likely of us to be available on short notice.


Linda is passionate about her family and about addiction & abuse issues. Working with Sacha at Sassy Lasses, she is an event planner and VA from Calgary Alberta. She’s recently appeared on television and radio speaking on addictions and recovery challenges.

No, we’re not a charity at all. We are a for-profit Canadian based corporation with one partner in the US and three partners from Canada. We do use a portion of our profits and our online efforts to providing resources and help to domestic violence victims.

Until now we’ve been helping with an ad-hoc approach, helping individually and collectively when we can and where we can. Our goal is to create a fund from which we can make micro-loans and “escape and establishment” loans to survivors to meet the significant financial challenges that face domestic violence victims.



Technically speaking, all profits go towards domestic violence survivors as all of the founding owners are survivors. We have allocated that a minimum of 10% of profits always be allocated to domestic violence action and aid activities within our corporate charter, however we are currently investing a much larger percentage towards establishing some of the foundations we’re developing. Our goal is to develop a sustainable, profitable business along with sustainable, practical and effective aid for domestic violence survivors.

The conference is being recorded live between October 10th and November 25th, 2016. Recordings will be available to Freebird Insiders and original registrants after that date.

There are several reasons for this lengthy time frame.

While it makes sense for live conferences to be condensed over a short period of time, we felt that for a virtual conference extending the speakers over six weeks would allow the audience to fit several sessions into the typical busy schedule we know even creative free spirits tend to have these days. Plus each of the partners has a full time job or business – so this schedule allows us to deliver quality content to our audience instead of stretching everyone too thin.

Plus the dates of the conference have deep personal meaning to the founders.

  1. The conference runs from Thanksgiving Day (Canada) October 10th to the day after Thanksgiving (US) November 25th. This was to signify our gratitude for freedom and for the new fans we hope to attract to our clothes and our cause.
  2. October is Domestic Violence Awareness month in the US, November is Domestic Violence Awareness Month in Canada.
  3. Three of our founding members are Canadian, one is in the US.
  4. November 25th was the day Carol first reached out to her Internet friends for help. This group became the Freebird Project.
  5. The Monday of the Thanksgiving Long weekend was the final straw in ending Patrysha’s 22 year relationship.

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