Beginning with a story of burnout and delving into the topic of negative thinking patterns and how they trap us in a less than full life, you’ll want to join this session with Nancie Vito!

Nancie Vito is a coach and consultant who helps people who feel burned out to reduce stress, find fulfillment and boost happiness. After recovering from her own burnout, she founded Flourish in 2009, where she has inspired people who feel stuck (perhaps in a soul-crushing job) to take steps towards what they truly want. With an interest in mindset, mindfulness and motivation, she is grateful that her background in public health and mental health led her to this path.  Working remotely with clients from all over, she lives in downtown Atlanta with her partner and their pug.  To take her burnout quiz or to get updates on her upcoming programs to beat burnout, visit her at

In her spare time, you can find Nancie hanging out with friends at a local restaurant, supporting her local coffee shop, or wandering around her favorite city, NYC.

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