In this session you’ll learn how to activate your feminine wisdom for business and learned more about the Awakened Conference she’ll be speaking at in Bali this month.

awakenedA believer in the power of pleasure, Phoenix Muranetz connects women to their embodied wisdom, creative expression and sensuality to experience authentic connection, success and personal power. As an award-winning social entrepreneur, speaker and co-founder of the Awakened Woman Conference, she is passionate about supporting women in reclaiming and connecting to their brilliance, desire and voice through the embodiment of pleasure & creative expression.

She is the inspired creator of the Mythic Self – a practice helping people around the world tap into the vastness of their souls through retreats, trainings and personal journeys. She is also the founder of The Sensual Revolution and also the co-creator of The Bloom Collection—a site promoting ethical and artisan produced Transformational Festival inspired Goods & Clothing.

An artist, performer, speaker and writer, she shares her insights regularly online. With degrees and studies in Environmental Design,  Sustainability, Art & Design, and  diverse studies in energy, tantra, marketing, sustainability & systems thinking. Also the former Mrs. British Columbia 2012,  she has been featured in national news media outlets across Canada and regularly gives retreats, trainings and talks internationally.

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