Truth seeker, visionary artist, muralist and writer, Sundara Fawn shares her unique, personal awareness, gained by journeying into creativity and connection to the Divine. She demonstrates that the journey to awareness of our divinity can be fun and creative as she makes beautiful artwork expressing God’s infinite power.

In this session, she will be using her oracle soul cards to do a collective reading for everyone for the energy of the full moon happening on that day.

The intention is to demonstrate how to awaken to our highest spiritual potential. She will share how to tap into and draw forth the power, will and intuition of our souls in order to alleviate suffering and achieve ultimate happiness.

Sundara’s art is universal and honors the truth manifest in all religions as it showcases her commitment to experiencing absolute truth and sharing this truth with others. This focus on absolute truth is in fact, one of the deep guiding passions of her life. The continual desire to express artistically led her to further her education in art. She completed her undergraduate and graduate studies in painting at Northern Illinois University, earning a BFA and MFA degree with honors.

You missed the live session, but you didn’t miss out! This session was recorded on October 16th. Pop your first name and email in the form below and we’ll send you the direct link to it + a few extras.